What Is The Difference Between Stacked And Unstacked Auto Insurance?

What Is The Difference Between Stacked And Unstacked Auto Insurance?
What Is The Difference Between Stacked And Unstacked Auto Insurance?

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Stacking and unstacked car insurance have different benefits. With stacked coverage, you only pay a single monthly premium for all your vehicles. But if you want to drive more than one vehicle, you can’t choose unstacked coverage until you are willing to pay higher deductibles. However, it may not be the best option for those who drive a high-end vehicle. You should always think carefully about what kind of coverage you need.

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Table of Content

What is stacked insurance?

Staked insurance only offers one claim but can cover more than one policy and if you drive 2 or more cars. Insurance is expensive and not every state allows you to take out stacked insurance because, unlike unregulated insurance, it offers broad coverage. If an uninsured driver causes an accident with your vehicle, you can easily protect your finances and cover all costs. In stacked insurance, choose the right amount of coverage, because the more coverage you have, the less money you will have to take out of pocket in the event of a claim.

What Is The Difference Between Stacked And Unstacked Auto Insurance

What are the types of insurance stacking?

Most companies currently only offer two types of insurance agreements: horizontal and vertical agreements. The horizontal arrangement allows people to add multiple vehicles under multiple policies to their insurance coverage. For example, if you are insured for $20,000 and your parents are insured for $30,000 and your name is on the policy. You can then arrange these two insurances horizontally and get $60,000 coverage in the event of an accident.

Vertical stacking allows you to get two or more insurance on your own car and combine them with each other for an extra edge. For example, you have $25,000 insured for your 2 cars that you have vertically stacked to get a cover of $50,000 in an accident.

How to get stacked insurance?

You must reside in one of the 32 states that allow you to accumulate your insurance in the event of a claim. You must first collect all your vehicles under one or more uninsured/underinsured policies. Choose car insurance wisely as you can take out stacked insurance coverage for vehicles with very few companies. Many states, such as Arkansas and Ohio, have granted permission to refuse customers who wish to stack insurance plans as long as it is a clear and definite scheme.

What problems can I face with stacked insurance?

Some states require drivers to only have uninsured motorist insurance. You can’t buy messy driver insurance in this state unless you plan to drive more than one vehicle. Arranging is a good idea because you will have more options in one of your vehicles in the event of an accident. If the limit is too low to cover the cost of the accident, you will be at a disadvantage. You may find that you don’t need insurance for uninsured motorists, but if you do, you should consider the right policy.

What is unstacked insurance?

Unlike stacked insurance, unstacked offers regular policies with cheaper alternatives for ordinary people who want standard insurance coverage. If you are hit by a car, have a collision and run, or the driver who caused the accident has liability insurance, unstacked can only be applied to one vehicle. The premiums you pay as unstacked insurance are significantly lower than the premiums for stacked insurance. This is because Unstacked keeps your overall limit to a minimum as it only includes one vehicle and fewer options.

How to get unstacked insurance?

Since no separate paperwork is required for unstacked insurance, this has become the standard for most auto insurance companies in many countries. Also, many states don’t even cover other types of insurance, and getting stacked insurance in that condition is impossible. Unstacked gives you a lower coverage limit, which reduces the annual or monthly fees for your portfolio which makes it more popular among general people. To get unstacked insurance, go to your insurance provider and ask about insurance, and they will most likely write you an unstacked premium plan.

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What Is The Difference Between Stacked And Unstacked Auto Insurance?

Costs moreCosts less
Not available in may statesDefault in all states
Offers more coverageOffers normal coverage

Which insurance is better unstacked or stacked?

For most of the people there, unstacked insurance is the better option than stacked insurance because it offers normal coverage at a lower price than you can renew every year. People with financial problems should always refrain from stacked insurance coverage as their monthly or annual insurance is sure to inflate after getting one.

Plus, in many cities stacking insurance is not allowed, and very few car insurance companies offer the benefits. However, if you own more than one car and want to combine all policies by stacking them vertically or horizontally, then you need to have stacked insurance to minimize your worries.

The advantage of taking stack insurance is that in the case of a UM or UIM, people do not have to pay out of their own pocket and the insurance company provides all resources to cover claims. Remember that stacking only works for one instance and you need to get your finances right before conceding to get one.


If you own two or more vehicles, you may want to arrange stacked car insurance to suit your needs. Stacked coverage guidelines can increase coverage and limits, but require paperwork and time that you don’t have to waste with an unstacked plan. The agreement is a good idea if you own more than one vehicle and want to cover all of them and get to use several policies at the same time. However, it may not be the best option for those driving high-end vehicles or single cars as there’s not enough benefit for general people.

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